Material as Interface

The design research field “Material as Interface” comprises the intersection of interface and interaction design with the diverse digital and analogous possibilities of form and material. So-called “Smart Material Interfaces”, or SMI for short, bind interaction directly to the material as a material property. The material becomes a medium of information but also of transformation of kinetic energy and environmental influences. There are many advantages: Information and transformation are inscribed in the material, which enables real-time processing and reaction. The reaction takes place discreetly, directly at the point of contact with the body, for example. The possible encodings are manifold: 2D folds, 3D structures, 4D time-based states.

The pictures show shape studies with dielectric elastomers

Research Team: Prof. Kora Kimpel, Joanna Dauner
Tutors: Franziska Seehausen, Merani Schilcher


Shaping Future – New methods for participation in research and innovation | project publication

The publication on the Shaping Future project was published by Fraunhofer Verlag at the end of 2017. In addition to a detailed project description, it contains interviews with various experts such as designers and essay contributions, which describe the topic from different perspectives.

Shaping Future – Neue Methoden für die Partizipation in Forschung und Innovation

Editors: Marie Heidingsfelder, Simone Kaiser, Kora Kimpel, Martina Schraudner
Fraunhofer Verlag, 2017
ISBN: 978-3-8396-1274-3