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Evolving books – Rethinking the classic textbook | Interface Design

_Design Research,_Interaction Design,_User Experience

The future of the book has changed in the digital age. New technologies offer possibilities to expand the content and to link the book to digital media. New markets and new user groups have become accessible and facilitate an interactive handling with the book. In a co-operative project between Cornelsen Verlag, a Berlin-based publisher, and the Berlin University of the Arts a special issue of a chemistry textbook for upper school students has been developed. The classic textbook has the capacity to guide the student through the digital realm as a navigator, like a map or a compass in the knowledge space. Expanded through Augmented Reality technology this new schoolbook interacts with three-dimensional illustrations and enables collaborative working. The project was funded by the Berlin Ministry of Economy and Technology.

Concept, Interface and AR Design: Prof. Kora Kimpel, Sylke Holtz

Collaboration in design: Dominik Wagner and Daniel Dalfovo

Cover perspektive cyclohexan