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Ideas to market | Collaborative Multitouch table

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In the project “Ideas to Market” a digital ideation process was developed, which combines different parts of idea generation and supports them with digital tools. The aim is to develop a process that makes technologies currently under development testable for different application ideas as early as possible. A first part of this process takes place through a browser interface on the Internet to involve a large number of as diverse as possible user groups. In a second step, this idea process is qualitatively deepened on a multi-touch table, which enables a colloborative working environment that provides extensive features for various further development processes.

For the second pilot phase, Bionic Radar was selected as the technology that combines radar sensor technology with artificial intelligence. This was developed by Fraunhofer FHR and IPA. With Bionic Radar, living beings can be identified by their individual movement patterns.

Partners: Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation (CeRRI), Leibniz Institute for Knowledge Media (IWM), Institute of Computer Science of the Free University of Berlin (HCC)

Project duration: 2016 to 2019 , Fraunhofer CeRRI

Design consulting, conception of the interface and interaction design, method development: Prof. Kora Kimpel

I2M Multitouch Table