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Quantified self – The measuring of oneself

_Interaction Design,_Interface Design,_Prototyping

Hypertension, weight, workout, sleep, mood, diet, sex: the supporters of the Quantified-Self-Movement are interested in all and any activities or bodily functions. They summarise their whole life with numbers and statistics. They capture the data with special equipment and tools and provide their own data online to share with their community – total self control.

This trend of self measurement – which is described by the term „Quantified self“ for the whole movement – was the topic of the Studio Class New Media in the winter term 2011/2012. The students discussed the attitude of the movement, went to their meetings, reflected on the equipment and software tools and then started their own project on that topic. The results are interesting new tools or interventions and are different from those already known.

Project Supervision: Prof. Kora Kimpel
Students: Valerian Blos, Joanna Dauner, Maja Dika, Marjam Fels, Antonella Palmowski, Carlotta Richter, Idan Sher, Stephan Sunder-Plassmann

-> presentation on the re:publica 2012

-> video of the hybrid symposium „Digital self measurement“ in May 2012

quantified self - Tagebilder UdK_SS12_Quantified_Self_1 UdK_SS12_Quantified_Self_2 UdK_SS12_quantified_self_3 UdK_SS12_Quantified_self_5